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Space Menace is an epic sci-fi space RTS and battle game that puts you in the captain’s chair, with the fate of the galaxy in your hands. Starting off small with just one ship, you’ll embark on an incredible journey that will see you rise to glory and fortune through a combination of cunning strategy, tactical prowess, and resource management.

With multiple paths to progress, you can earn money through freelance missions or simply by taking on other ships and collecting valuable salvage. As you expand your fleet and equip it with weapons, utilities, and strike craft, you’ll face surprising elements and make critical decisions that will determine your survival in the hostile and unforgiving vacuum of space.

At the heart of Space Menace is a deep and immersive gameplay experience that combines top-down 2D battles, customization options for your fleet, and a rich sci-fi setting that is sure to keep you engaged for hours on end. As you earn the favor or scorn of powerful factions, you’ll need to carefully plan your attacks and defenses, leveraging friendly ships and space stations to your advantage.

In Space Menace, your decisions will leave a lasting mark on the world, determining the fate of the galaxy itself. So strap in, captain, and get ready to forge your own destiny among the stars.

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